Thai Herbal Massage


massageWhat is a Thai Herbal Massage?

Thai Herbal Massage (Compress)
Thai herbal healing has got deep roots in Thai culture. Thai Herbal heat compress is one of the most well known traditional Thai masage therapies. It was devloped during ancient times when it was kept as a secret healing technique by the Buddhist monks and local herbal healers. It was then passed down from generation to generation.

Thai herbal heat compress is used in combination with traditional Thai massage. The muscles are positioned and stretched and then the herbal heat compresses are applied to help in the soothing of any sore muscles. The herbal heat compress relaxes tense or aching muscles, helps with respiration through the use of its aromatic camphor. Tension is reduced by the combination of aromatic and heat properties of the various herbs used in the compress. Thai Herbal Compress is commonly used for the treatment of bruises, muscle pain, sprains and swelling.

It is also used for used in postnatal care treatment to help reduce swelling, help soothe sore muscles, promote general health and drain wastes from the body during the period of recovery after prgenancy.

What are the benefits of a Thai Herbal Massage?

Thai Herbal Massage has the ability to heal various muscle ailments and eccourage the bodies self healing. It can also provide a host of aditional benefits such as:

  • Improved body circulation
  • Remove toxins and trapped body waste
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Speed up recovery from injury
  • Improve respiration
  • Reduce stiffness caused by swollen muscles and ligaments
  • Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost.
  • Accelerate overall physical healing

The herbal ingredients can be mixed differntly for specific requirements. They mostly contain the following base ingredient:

Cassumunar (Prai):
Relieves muscular pains & achess, boosts circulation, softening the skin
Camphor (Pim-sen):
Creates a calming influence, reduces tension, eases respiration,
Lemongrass (Ta-krai):
Stimulates the digestive system, treats skin infections, antiseptic properties
Kaffir-Lime (Ma-kroot):
Soothing, reduces depression, de-odorising, anxiety and insomnia

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