Thai Oil Massage


massageWhat is a Thai oiI massage?

A Thai Oil Massage combines both the traditional and ancient arts of the traditional Thai massage along with Aromatherapy massage enhance with your own signature blended oil in order to utilise the best therapeutic benefits possible. Focussing on the energy lines (sen) and acupressure points (got) to trigger the body’s self healing this combination will leave you feeling renewed and restored to your body’s own natural rhythm.

Thai Oil Massage will totally relax your body and make you feel re-energised. It is great for treating muscle tension and many other body ailments such any stifness or pain you may have in your back, neck and shoulder or the rest of your body.

Thai Oil Massage is ideal for those suffering from a lot of stress or body tension and it is also perfect if you just want to increase your energy levels or improve your sleep. The massage takes place on a massage table and involves the use of massage oils. When the massage begins you get undressed and lie on the masage table face-up so that our therapist can work on your feet, legs, torso and arms. You will have the option to wear your own undergarments or use a towel provided for you. Your therapists will massage each area using oil and applying gentle rhythmic pressure. Throughout the massage your therapist will regularly check with you to be sure that you are comfortable and to that they are applying the right amount of pressure.

When the front of your body’s is finished, you’ll be asked to turn over on the massage table so the masage process can be repeated on the back side of your body.

Once the massage is complete and with all the massage techniques that were applied to your body, you’ll feel more limber, relaxed and rejuvenated than ever. The Thai Oil Massage really delivers a relaxing yet energising experience.

Thai Oil Massage is most effective because of the massage oil used. The massage oils
help to promote smooth and even workability. Different oils have been used for centuries as a highly effective means for treating various types of soft tissue disorders and Thai massage therapy continues to avail of these beneficial oils even today. Massage oils are also popular because of the fact that they provide a soft lubrication for gliding over the receiver’s skin. There is a wide variety of massage oils available each with their own different uses and benefits.

What are the benefits of a Thai Oil Massage?

Thai Oil Massage has the ability to dissolve and eliminate accumulated stress and toxins. It can also provide a host of aditional benefits such as:

  • Relieve fatigue and improve stamina
  • Facilitate better sleep
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Nourish skin and muscle tissues
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Lubricate joints
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Help effective elimination of toxins

Why wait a moment longer to start experiencing the amazing benefits of a Thai Oil Massage? Just call in to Mai Thai Massage Dublin and kickstart your mind and body into a journey of natural self healing and begin feeling great today and everyday!

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