Thai Massage Questions and Answers Part 1

Common Questions and Answers about Thai Massage:

Listed here are answers to some of the most common questions about the Thai Massage service provided here at Mai Thai Massage in Dublin

1. Do I need to tip the Thai massage therapist?

There are no real guidelines, expectations or requirements in relation to any of our clients having to provide a tip after a Thai Massage. However if you are happy with the service and would like to tip the massage therapist then that is entirely up to your own discretion. When clients do tip it is normally in the range of 15- 20%, but like I said there are no requirements

2. Will we need to remove our undergarments for Thai Massage?

For Thai Oil Massage:
That choice is totally up to you. Most clients will remove their undergarments and use the towels provided to partly cover themselves. Some people prefer to wear their own briefs throughout the Thai massage and that is totally fine also. The advantages of just using the towel is that when the massage therapist is providing a Thai oil massage, it allows for application of oil to particular areas which can receive the greatest therapeutic benefits from the Thai oil massage such as the groin, the lower back, the upper thighs and the gluteus maximus muscle of the backside.
However if you do decide to remove your undergarments our experienced massage practitioners will ensure that you remain correctly covered and that only body areas that are being massaged will remain uncovered.

For Traditional Thai Massage:
This massage does not involve the use of any oils. We will provide you with a loose fitting garment to wear throughout the Traditional Thai Massage. If you wish to wear your own clothes for this please wear something light and loose fitting that will allow for the masseur/masseuse to apply direct pressure on to the body and also to allow for the stretching and mobility of positions that will be applied to your body throughout the massage.

3. What happens if I fall asleep, drool or snore during the Thai massage?

This is very common scenario. Many people fall into a blissful sleep for parts of, or even throughout the entire Thai Massage session. With the combination of the relaxing music, scented room and soothing, therapeutic effects of a Thai Massage it can be sometimes hard not to. Many people may drool or snore or even both and why not? It is only natural. Our licensed and experienced Thai Massage therapists understand this and will continue to provide you with the same excellent standard Thai massage treatment regardless of whether you remain awake or not.

4. Will someone be in the same room when I am undressing or changing?

At all our Mai Thai Massage spas in Dublin, it is standard practice for our Thai massage therapists to leave you alone in the room to provide you with the privacy to remove your clothing or change into the provided undergarments.
If it is a Thai oil massage you will be directed to either remove all your clothing, lie face down on the Thai massage table cover yourself with the towel already provided for your or else you can choose to remain wearing your undergarments and then lie down face down on the Thai massage table.
If it is a Traditional Thai Massage you will provided with loose fitting garment to change into unless you have brought some light and loose fitting garments of your own.
There is no need to hurry when changing or worry about somebody walking in on you unexpectedly. After allowing you adequate time to change your Thai massage therapist will return to your room and enter only after knocking on your door to check that you are ready first.

5. Do I need to provide any feedback or talk to my Massage Therapist?

Some people like to talk with the Thai masseuse/masseur during the massage and some would rather not. Your time at our Thai Massage spas is time that is specially devoted to you only, so most importantly it is you alone who can decide on whatever makes you most comfortable. You may choose to just lay quiet, close your eyes, relax and enjoy the experience. And that is what many people do. There are of course times when it is your best interest to provide feedaback during the massage such as during either a Traditional Thai Massage or a Thai Sports Massage. Throughout these massages your therapist will provide massage work deep into your muscles and he or she would like to know that the amount of pressure that is comfortable and adequate for you personally. Different people have different tolerances to deep massage, and sometimes our bodies can tolerate more or less pressure such after training or exercise our bodies can be more sensitive to pressure due to the build up lactic acid stored in our muscle. Some people may have tight neck or/and shoulders from stress or bad posture and these areas may require varying degrees of pressure in order tpo provide the best relief.
So providing feedback you can ensure that your therapist is providing you with the maximum benefit that you can obtain from your visit to us:

Example things you may convey to your massage therapist are:

  • the room is too cold or too warm for you
  • the pressure being applied is uncomfortable in a particular area
  • you would like the therapist to apply more pressure to a particular area
  • you are thirsty and would like a drink of water
  • you have an injury or some description
  • you do not want to be massage in a particular area
  • you would like the therapist to concentrate the massage on a particular trouble area, eg. back, neck and shoulder