Types of Thai Massage

Different Types of Thai Massages

Thai massage is a pleasure for everyone. It allows you to fully relax and is one of the best ways to promote good health. People typically classify the many different styles of Thai massage into a single category, but there are actually many different massages that are all considered Thai massage.

As follows are the styles of Thai massage you can try:

1. Thai Aromatherapy Massage

aromatherapy-massage-dublin-300x225An aromatherapy massage is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. The masseuse makes use of pure natural oils like Jojoba, Almond and other essential oils to nourish your skin and let the heat penetrate deep into your muscles. The refreshing scent of the oils aids the treatment, and has been proven to lessen symptoms of insomnia, stress and depression, while leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

2. Thai Relaxing Oil Massage

relaxing-oil-massage-dublin-300x200A relaxing oil massage is the most conventional massage technique that comes from ancient Siam. The goal of this massage is to relax the mind and body, and leave you calm and de-stressed. The masseuse concentrates on your body’s flow of blood, releasing tension in the muscles which helps to release stress. This technique can also help to reduce pain, aches in your body, and muscle sprains which allows you to have a healthier and improved mind and body.

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3. Thai Foot Massage

foot-massage-dublin-150x150To help balance your body’s systems try a foot massage. It’s remarkable because it helps to stimulate the blood flow to various organs within your body. An improved blood flow boosts your immune system, and helps your cells dispose of any waste products. In Chinese and Indian culture they have used foot massage for centuries to diagnose and treat many diseases and ailments. Foot massage has been known to help prevent the symptoms of measles, constipation and headaches, and is a wonderful boost if you are detoxing you body.

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4. Thai Sports Massage

sports-massage-dublin-150x150This style of massage is targeted primarily to athletes. It’s a deep tissue massage that helps to reduce the symptoms of muscle fatigue, and one which everyone can enjoy it the day after a session in the gym. By focusing on the specific areas that are experiencing the pain the masseuse can relieve and relax your muscles.

5. Thai Slimming Fit & Firm Massage

slimming-massage-dublin-150x150This style of massage is very popular with women, because of the advertising that promotes its ability to reduce cellulite and fat. The targeted massage puts its focus on the thighs, upper arms, hips and belly. Typically a masseuse uses oil or a cream to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, and the vigorous technique will help your body to become more firm.

6. Thai Herbal Compress Massage

thai-herbal-massage-dublin-150x150A herbal compress is the best way to absorb traditional Thai medicine through your skin and into the body. In its simplest form the compress is a piece of cloth that tightly wraps several types of herbs together. Once it’s steamed and heated the masseuse uses the herbal compress to put pressure on all of your muscles. The heat is what makes your body absorb the medicine, and is a perfect way to stretch out your muscles as you relax. This technique reduces muscle spasms, pain, and swelling on the muscles, as well as providing relieve to swollen ligaments and joints, and improving your blood circulation.

7. Thai Migraine Relief Massage

migraine-massage-dublin-150x150Migraine pain is a result of a restricted blood flow into your brain from stress, food allergies or tension in your body. To relieve the symptoms of migraine pain you need to relax your nerves by stimulating blood circulation. This massage focuses on your body’s pressure points, and can relive pain by putting pressure on the temples, the back of your hand, your ears, and your inner ankles, around your eye, stomach and your lower spine.

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